Touch Nordic

Touch Nordic is a professional 100% B2B platform and set of events with a very clear focus on new business opportunities, networking and B2B meetings. Less just-those-talks, more business opportunities with professionally planned and managed B2B Matchmaking processes. We are not hosting a seminar or conference but a professional platform with events where you can meet companies for new business.

Touch Nordic is a unique opportunity to meet your customers, network with business leaders and meet new potential clients. We certainly have some speeches and probably one of the most international business only panel discussions ever seen on stage but the core focus is on B2B meetings, network and new business – and obviously a perfect professional matchmaking tailored for you.

We are also offering this great opportunity to all governmental promotional agencies to host a business delegation to meet their potential clients for new business. And promote your own country for business and investments among the business people and companies ready to grow.

The core content of Touch Nordic global B2B summit is always tailored by the profiles and interest of delegates and the final setup on stage is following closely the backgrounds, wishes and requirements of the participating companies. We have selected a few key areas to the main stage but that is certainly not all, so if you company is working with any of the following sectors we would welcome you to join us to Turku, Finland on June 17-18, 2019.

If you work with e.g. energy sector, clean-tech, environmental technology (Water, Waste, Sanitation), disaster management and technology, whole educational Sector, healthcare and medical industries, R&D, food and food production, retail, IT and ICT (high-tech, software, hardware development, outsourcing, telecommunication, services, engineering Industries, manufacturing, trade, funding, financing, banking, start-ups, Infrastructure and urban development operators, investors and business development in tourism and travel, we believe that there is certainly business waiting for you!

Please contact us for any additional details.



Touch Nordic B2B Summit is for business and for business only. We take the real business decision makers to meet other companies for networking, new business and growing trade. If you want to enjoy some additional visibility with us or even become one of the corporate speaker on stage, please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional details.

These are very limited so if you are interested to host the event with us, please contact us quickly:

Hosting Corporation

Only one company per day or session,  so this is your chance to enjoy a maximum visibility.

Hosting Country

This is a perfect position for any country to promote the business and investment opportunities your country is offering, as well as hosting a delegation of companies to our events.

Platinum, Gold, Silver SPONSORS

Furthermore, we have ready Platinum, Gold and Silver Sponsor packages ready for you and we are happy to build the best tailored solution to support your own business goals.

Touch Nordic  is also absolutely the most perfect platform to link with your own potential or existing customers for business. 

We have successfully hosted hundreds of companies for new business, networking and growth over the years so we have the experience to boost your activities under the wings of Touch Nordic.


Space for small exhibition?

During the events we are having a limited amount of space available for small exhibitions and stands at the Touch Nordic venue.  If you are ready to showcase your company, products or country, this is the platform to go with.

Meeting rooms ready for your business!

We have hosted over 300 companies in our events before and we know that doing business is not just about having a cup of coffee with your customers between the sessions.

We know that you might want to meet and negotiate also in more private venues and that is why we have plenty of meeting rooms available for our delegates, also a few ones available for exclusive use where any more confidential talks or presentations can take place. Furthermore, we can provide you own suites or lounges to host your customers during the Touch Nordic days We will also help you with any special arrangements for required hospitality services, presentation technology or anything else you might need. Everything is possible, just let us know what you might have in your mind!

Please read more about the Platinum & Gold Meeting packages and please contact us for any additional details or questions.


Great opportunity to meet your new and potential customers.



You chance to change business cards for new business with 200 business professionals.


We have hosted over 500 people to meet for new business in four years and we know that this is where the business happens!


Meeting and talking with other business professionals is always a great way to learn something new too. And get new ideas too!


Touch Nordic events takes place continuously with multiple business sector focused sessions and B2B Matchmaking. Morning session with official opening and the best panel discussion ever seen on stage for business, moderated afternoon sessions covering various business sectors matching the profiles of our delegates. Please note that you have a continuous access to meeting rooms and facilities for any private B2B meetings, presentations or negotiations.

And don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.



Day 1

Typically  this way:

09:00 Registration, Networking  and Meeting Rooms as well as Exhibitions Booths open.

09:45 Official Opening of the Touch Nordic

10:15 Panel discussion hosted by key business journalists with business leaders, thinkers and other key stakeholders,

11:15 Key note speech with a moderated Q&A session

12:15 Networking Lunch

13:30 Afternoon program split by industry and business sectors in two separate halls with pure B2B presentations, moderated discussion and B2B meetings e.g. 


Banking, finance, insurance

Travel, tourism, services

Energy, cleantech, engineering

Export, import, trade


16:00 Closing of Day One.

Touch Nordic 2019 Reception,

19:00 – 22:00 Official Reception, open for all registered delegates and VIPs and usually By-Invitation-Only basis.


Education Day

Education Day – this is what we do for the community and the world around us.

Full Day for Education – the key factors to boost international cooperation in education including academic cooperation and research, development of basic education systems and vocational training.

Please stay tuned for the agenda for The Education Day. Please click to Education Day’s own web for details.


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