“Do you have any companies in your mind that you have been thinking to contact? Maybe it would be time to invite them to meet you AT TOUCH NORDIC?”

About us

The Summit is all private, from businesses to businesses event, organised by a group of business professionals working with international trade, business development, marketing, education, energy and management consulting.

We started back in 2013, basically from a scratch with just one crazy idea we had among friends and colleagues in business: how to get companies to browse and realise the potential of those more unknown markets in the world? Not the most usual ones but the ones they have not thought about. Or the ones they leave due lack of resources, as they usually explained.

As always in business, you can keep just wondering or do something. We decided to make the change to happen! There were obviously many around us who kept saying this is all impossible but we didn’t give up. Nowdays we can proudly say that we certainly made it there and we can – and we shall – make it anywhere! Over 550 people from over 300 companies have joined our events since 2014 and we definitely know how this professional platform for business works. We have certainly tested the concept, listened our supporters, talked with the delegates and developed and fine-tuned the concept to reach the level of maximum support for any company looking for new clients, partners and markets. 

Welcome to join us for growth, new business and networking. This is where business happens!

Touch Nordic b2b Summit is for business.

ALWASTouch Nordic is not about talks and presentations, it means business! New deals, new contacts, networking for business, new relations. That is why we keeping hosting these events; To offer a platform for business, that’s what it is! A platform where companies do business together: when you need it we shall provide professional match-making for you, pre-schedule meetings, browse the market data you need and whatever you might need to make your new business actions as smooth and productive as possible.

You can and you should also use the Touch Nordic for you own customer management and relations by inviting all your existing and potential clients to meet you for talks and presentations. You can also run your own sales meetings or mini-shows or even small exhibition. 

Touch Nordic is all private event, produced and hosted by the private companies and organisations. We all come from business, representing several industries and generations of experience of trade, investments and business. We know how to host the most successful and productive B2B events for networking and concrete growth of business.


And parallel to Touch Nordic B2B activities and PLATFORM, we are always opening the doors to the educationists, educational institutions and other key stake holders in the world of education for a separate Education Day -event. Please click here for additional details.




After several very successful events and hours of talks with those hundreds of companies participated our events before, we have plenty of examples and best practices for companies preparing themselves to enjoy the Touch Nordic in the most productive way. Touch Nordic is a B2B platform enabling networking, talks and new business but you need to prepare yourself for maximum results – here’re some of the best practices;


Do Your Homework

Make a list of industries, business sector or companies you would like to meet during the event. Google the market, analyse data, contact your own Embassy or Honorary Consuls and any trade or export agency your country might offer. And most of all, who do you want to meet and why? Just let us know and we’ll help you further.


Invite Your Customers

Go through your own customer database or any earlier contacts you have had or emails you received from potential new customers. Make sure your customer will head to Touch Nordic to meet you! We give you meeting rooms when required to run your own meetings during the event.


Prepare Your Materials and Offer

Make sure that you have materials ready and with you at the event, and think what you are actually looking for. New business, more business, new partners, distributor, suppliers, agent? Clearer message, better results. And keep changing business cards!


Use touch nordic to Promote You and Your Company

Touch Nordic offers a great opportunity to promote your company for new business and new customers. In addition to normal visibility we can also offer your various opportunities for sponsoring and also limited amount of own booths or stands. Please contact us for details.



Be Active!

And finally, the golden rule #1: Be Active! And start it now. Start to collect details and build your own event package based on the things above. Touch Nordic takes place in June 2019 but as we all know, time flies! So get ready with you preparation in time. Meet people at the event, talk, change business cards, be active!

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